Carving Instructions

How to carve a great looking pumpkin!

1. Clean off any dirt on the outside of the pumpkin and then remove all the gooey pumpkin guts inside!

Tip: Carve out from the BOTTOM, do not cut the stem off. Cutting the stem off will dry out your pumpkin faster! Cutting in from the bottom is easier and will help keep your pumpkin looking great for a lot longer!

2. Print out theĀ pattern you like and cut off the edges.

3. Tape the pattern stencil on your pumpkin and then using a nail or push pin, carefully poke holes around the black sections of your design to give yourself an outline to follow while carving.

4. Carefully carve out the areas that you outlined using the nail or push pin.

5. Once you completed carving out your design, put a candle or pumpkin light inside and enjoy your amazing looking pumpkin!

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